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Successful private-independent schools take their mission statement one step further by creating a “Portrait of the Graduate”: a series of five descriptors that define a school’s mission in terms of student outcomes. In essence, a school’s Portrait of the Graduate should capture.
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I have never healed from the experience of worrying that the result will be horrible, and moments later, confirming that it was. Made all the worse by the one good photo! I had poise and it slipped away!

They theoretically serve a purpose for educational institutions attendance software, yearbooks, ID cards, etc. Why do these photos feel so strangely powerful, like they say something essential about how we think about ourselves for the rest of our lives?

Weekly co-host Lindsey Weber from to Weber posted submissions from hundreds of people who had coerced their parents into paying the extra fee for a special backdrop on school picture day in the s and s, when Lifetouch offered, well, lasers as an option. Lasers were phased out by the time I was in school, but the option to pay extra for a background that looked like movie curtains or glittery scrapbook paper remained. I once — only once! The resultant photos show an absolutely nightmarish level of anti-taste, which bothered me for a time but now is eclipsed by worrying about my finances on a macro-level buy a house?

In this life? The whole ritual of school portraits is absurd, and most of the things that concerned us as children pale in comparison to the pain of adulthood. About half of all school portraits are taken by Lifetouch, according to the New York Times, including the ones taken of me at Bloomfield Central School District between and , according to some administrator I spoke to on the phone briefly who did not ask why I was inquiring.

Or this commercial in which a young boy combs his hair in close-up nine times before the camera zooms in on his teeth.

Portrait of a Graduate

Wunder is quite the businessman himself and recommends scanning local obituaries to keep track of when your competitors die. For one, it was originally called National School Studios and was started by a pair of buddies who worked together in a photography studio in Missouri in the s. According to a book that, admittedly, seems to have been published by Lifetouch itself , possibly written by a corporate ghostwriter , the company nearly went bankrupt after World War II because it decided to offer no-interest loans to all of its salespeople, who were primarily veterans, to help them buy cars and houses.

I disliked some of the questionable practices of the company. Working hour days and getting only a minute break lucky to get that one of the days.

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The portraits are unique to each community and go beyond the curriculum of content skills and processes, highlighting the learners in a broader, more holistic way. Learn more from Getting Smart. With the support of her band teacher, Silver Anderson is pursuing an independent study to compose her own music.

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Robin Kanaan Director, Teaching and Learning. Toggle navigation. Do you have a Portrait of a Graduate? What are the skills and habits of mind that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world? What are the implications for the design of the learning experiences—and equitable access to those experiences—we provide in our school systems? Our gallery showcases many examples.